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An ERP health check and measurement of your system’s maturity is a necessary and regular exercise for any organization that aiming for an adequate and successful ERP running system. Taking measure of its maturity and performing and current system readiness to fulfill the dynamic business requirements and company growth need.


ERP health check can provide the organization with an evaluation of the value and risks within the current status of the running system and an assessment of the company’s overall performance to guarantee a smooth adequate and accurate operation and business result.



Performing an ERP Health Check

ERP health check and assessment is a set of activities to determine how the organization is utilizing their ERP solution and identify opportunities for generating additional value from the investment.   It is also a chance for the customer’s IT organization to develop an ERP roadmap to align with business objectives


Following is a brief overview of how to perform an ERP assessment:


  • Review & assess the current Business Processes, implementation documents and application setup, thus figure out and determine the pains and problems and consequently find ways to enhance client processes to be able to retrieve the data in the Reports much easier.


  • Conduct meetings with top management and business users to review the business needs and share their vision and future plans based on the current business expansion. Also conduct Interviews with the client implementation team to figure out if the organization have the needed resources and knowledge to effectively leverage the ERP investment.


  • Investigation of Open Issues, Analysis of Practices and Report Drafting also assess the help desk capabilities and readiness.

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