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TAQNIA recognizes the importance of working closely with the client’s personnel at both the operational and management level during the life cycle of the ERP projects.


Every effort is a partnership with the client rather than an order execution. The knowledge, effort, and co-operation of client’s personnel in this effort are required to make the project successful. The knowledge and experience of

TAQNIA project team, combined with client’s expertise of its business information needs, will provide an effective project team.


We provide excellence of service by treating every project, whether local or international, with the care and attention it deserves.


Once you’ve selected the right financial accounting or business management solution for your needs, our Project Management team will support you through the implementation by:

  • Preparing a simple work plan to ensure your project is delivered within an agreed timetable

  • Advising on and coordinating the best consultants for the project

  • Providing documentation that details scope of work and necessary resources

  • Reconciling time spent against budget

  • Track and resolve issues that arise and sending out weekly status reports

  • Liaise with your Account Manager to manage any change in requirements

Project Management

We will manage your projects with the right balance between business and technology. Our project managers have experience managing business change and technology projects. Business Evolution works with multiple project management methodologies which are continuously improved as the nature of the business world develops.

Project Administration Solutions


All projects need to be documented. Whether you have staff turnover or are using one of the Business Evolution Coaches or Project Managers, you will need to know how the project is going and why decisions were made. Business Evolution provides project administration services and systems to help your organisation document and manage the operative side of the project

Project Coaching

We can coach your project manager throughout the life of the project. This mentoring service gives your business the comfort that your project manager has professional support when they need it.

"The Business Evolution coaching services help grow your people."

Project Quality Assurance

The success of some projects can be critical to business success or failure. Business Evolution will provide robust project quality assurance which can be called upon at different phases during your own projects. This will give you an objective view of where the project is at and what the risks are.

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