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Intelligence and Analytics

Make sense of your data to discover information

  • Integrate and manage SAP and non-SAP data across your organisation.

  • Analyse and interpret to create business information.


Put information to work to create business intelligence

  • Apply a planning framework and secure workflow to support forecasting and budgeting, or test possible business scenarios.

  • Provide approved users with information in formats that enable timely, well-informed decision making at every level of your organization and beyond.

  • ort forecasting and budgeting, or test possible business scenarios.


Drive your bottom line with reliable business intelligence

  • Set well-tested strategy that anticipates the future.

  • Measure the immediate results of your tactics.

  • Make the right decisions ahead of your competitors.

TAQNIA has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in successful SAP Business Intelligence implementations, support and enhancements - across a wide range of local industries and businesses.

We have a dedicated SAP Business Intelligence team and our consultants have a high level of business management experience.  Our consultants have the technical skills to ensure your design, architecture and build allow SAP Business Intelligence to efficiently manage vast amounts of data and deliver useful information in a timely manner - specific to your requirements.

TAQNIA SAP BI consultants share up to the minute information on new capabilities with our customers.  We can help set your strategic direction for SAP BI - helping to optimize your architecture and future proof your SAP BI Landscape.

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